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Lawgitech is a law firm that offers innovative services taking into account the existing and future digital environment and the evolution of law, particularly in the fields of technology, data, intelligence artificial, digital platforms and real estate. Lawgitech was founded on the basis of the practice of lawyers who are also entrepreneurs and who benefit from recognized expertise in platform law and legal design.



Translating the tech into law is our job. As founders of online platforms, our attorneys at law have maintained a business corporate law practice and developed their IT skills. That is why they decided to create Lawgitech, as an online one-stop shop to provide tailored legal services for creators, startups, marketers, designers, developers, entrepreneurs, and businesses active online establish corporate entities, negotiate contracts, secure intellectual property, fight back against online reputation attacks, and more.

E-commerce and Platform Law
IT and AI Law
Legal Design
Intellectual Property Law
European Business Law
Court Proceedings
Real Estate
HTML5, CSS3, JQuery

# E-commerce and Platform Law.

We participate in the implementation or up-to-date merchant sites in accordance with Belgian and European regulations.

To at least some extent, most businesses and organisations manage data, operate computer systems, and are connected through networks of computers. When business managers fail to manage their systems effectively or breach their duties in terms of data security and confidentiality, it will often require the services of a specialist lawyer to help bring matters to a conclusion.

Information technology law provides the legal framework for collecting, storing, and disseminating electronic information in the global marketplace. We help structure information technology transactions in a way that maximizes the client’s economic benefit while ensuring regulatory compliance. A great deal of emphasis is also placed on anticipating potential sources of dispute between the parties to a transaction, and crafting agreements that address these concerns, thereby reducing the risk of litigation.

Thanks to our minimal understanding of coding, our cross-cutting knowledge of regulatory constraints and our experience of ecosystems in our own quality of entrepreneur or platform operator, we help you not only ensure the compliance of your operating system Including your distribution tools with the associated contractual or legal documentation necessary for the public authorities, but also to design a strategy that derives the best value of value chains in markets that meet specific operating modes.

# IT and AI Law.

Today almost every business is a technology business. Even if you are not on the cutting edge of innovation you are probably entering into business relationships with people who are. Technology and innovation drive productivity. Helping businesses thrive and reducing transaction costs is at the very heart of whatLawgitech aims to achieve.

 Common areas of IT law:

  • Data protection issues and the law surrounding storing and exchanging information in business;
  • Software licensing and agreements
  • Software license disputes
  • SaaS service level agreements, drafting and negotiation
  • Drafting of technical development agreements
  • Maintenance agreements
  • Software patents
  • Cyber crime
  • Cyber security issues

We can also help you with the whole range of legal advice around your AI project, from protecting Intellectual Property, understanding the data and data privacy issues, dealing with the cyber security aspects, advising you on governance, transparency and accountability, issues and obligations, putting in place your contract and/or building your sales or procurement templates. We also advise heavily around the ethical issues regarding AI.  

Our team is experienced in AI ethics and can work with you to develop an AI governance framework, together with accompanying training material, tailored to your sector and use of AI. We advise on the taxation treatment of AI as well as the insurance and product liability issues when AI is utilized in various forms, including in products, connected, IoT and autonomous vehicles, smart factories and cities, networks and more.

# Legal Design.

Legal design is a set of tools aimed to design better products and to better communicate legal information to users and stakeholders. Legal experts understand that they need to offer something new and exciting to clients. Workers, customers and businesses often are frustrated when confronted with texts in legalese that pave the way to loopholes, confusion and litigation.

The Lawgitech law firm is a pioneer in the field of Interactive Legal Design in Europe.  We use text processing tools such as design thinking and clear legal language but also programming to create animated and interactive solutions. 

The result for you:

1) Saving time because the information is presented to your customers, partners and employees in a fun, clear and effective way.
2) UX tool for your customers, partners and employees to discover the legal content that interests them more specifically or to evaluate their own legal situation in a specific context (MOOC, QUIZ).

# Intellectual Property Law.

Intellectual property can be complex, many people think of it as merely innovative products and designs; however, it can be far more and include many aspects of your business, your brand name, logo, reputation in the marketplace, your business plan, your specialist know-how and and even customer data. As we move further into a digital and technology led world the importance of intellectual property for all business and individuals becomes more and more. We provide IP audits.

Lawgitech’s attorneys represent clients involved in the gaming industry. From game developers, publishers, and distributors to tournament organizers, producers, and media platforms. Our lawyers practice in all areas that influence and are affected by video games – digital entertainment, blockchain, gambling, and intellectual property. 

We regularly advise on:

  • Trade mark and registered design filings, both in Belgium and EU
  • IP litigation including patent, copyright, design right and trade mark litigation 
  • Copyright and other IP rights clearances for inclusion of material in TV programmes, films, websites or other media, including advertising
  • Trade mark and design revocation proceedings
  • Assignments of IP and joint ventures involving IP
  • Intellectual property licences

Lawgitech’s attorneys also represent clients involved in the gaming industry. From game developers, publishers, and distributors to tournament organizers, producers, and media platforms. Our lawyers practice in all areas that influence and are affected by video games – digital entertainment, blockchain, gambling, and intellectual property. 

# European Business Law.

We help companies expand their activities within the European Union through Belgium or Luxembourg. Our team is composed of bilingual or trilingual lawyers.

# Court Proceedings.

If you are involved in litigation or legal proceedings, you will probably need legal representation. This is provided by an attorney at law. We insure legal representation in Belgium.

# Real Estate.

We handle matters related to real estate law from a global perspective to avoid inconvenience at the commercial level. 

Computer Skills.

We have sufficient computer and programming skills (html, javascript, css, jquery, photoshop)to provide legal protection for innovative trades and digital artists.





Need advice, defense or a static, animated or interactive legal design ? Don’t hesitate to contact us !


Virtually every aspect of our lives is regulated in some way or another. Unfortunately, there is a serious disconnect between the law and the legal consumers: legal documents are made by lawyers / attorneys and most of the time only understood by them. Legal Design can be very useful to overcome this communication problem.

All our infographics are created by attorneys at law.



If there are many individuals doing great things in the law tech space, it is still difficult for them to create a brilliant product and demonstrate to lawyers how it applies to their work. It is in this space that Lawgitech lawyers hopes to apply their understanding of coding and programming, as someone who operates on the front-line of law and technology.

All our interactive solutions are created by attorneys at law.



We do not operate on billable hours like other law firms. The push for billable hours leads to the focus on meeting the law firms interests not their clients. Make no mistake our focus is on our clients needs.


We know tech. We know law.


Fixed Price

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Professional secrecy guaranteed


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