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Knowledge is acquired through experience (A. Einstein). Lawgitech was founded on the practice of lawyers who are also entrepreneurs and project creators. The firm offers personalized legal-technical services to the liberal professions, entrepreneurs, creators and managers of companies in the fields of technology, data, artificial intelligence, digital platforms, real estate and much more.

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E-commerce and Platform Law
IT and AI Law
Legal Design
Intellectual Property Law
European Business Law
Court Proceedings
Real Estate
HTML5, CSS3, JQuery

#E-commerce and Platform Law. We participate in the establishment or updating of merchant sites in compliance with Belgian and European regulations. #IT and AI Law. We assist innovative companies, from the simple registration of a domain name to the exploitation of data. #Legal Design. We transform complex legal projects into easy to read and understand infographics. #Intellectual Property Law. We implement strategies for the protection, enhancement and defense of your intellectual property.. #European Business Law. We help companies to expand their activities within the European Union from Belgium or Luxembourg. #Court Proceedings. We carry out all necessary proceedings before the Belgian courts regarding business matters. #Real Estate. We handle matters related to real estate law from a global perspective to avoid inconvenience at the commercial level. #Computer Skills. We have sufficient computer and programming skills to provide legal protection for innovative trades and digital artists.

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