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It is the application of human-centered design-thinking principles to the practice of law, to make legal systems, products, services and processes more useful, useable, understandable and engaging for all.

Virtually every aspect of our lives is regulated in some way or another. Unfortunately, there is a serious disconnect between the law and the legal consumers: legal documents are made by lawyers / attorneys and most of the time only understood by them. Legal Design can be very useful to overcome this communication problem.

HOw do we proceed ?

Our methodology involves design-driven research into more effective, engaging ways to communicate legal information — notices, policies, process, eligibility, and beyond — to lay people.

Our design driven development uses design as part of a process to learn and better define requirements in order to build better, more informed technology solutions. It can also be looked at as a process whereby design and user experience drives the development of new models of user-friendly, accessible, and engaging legal products or services.




We collaborate with our clients. We want to give our them more tools to comprehend the law, legal system, spin out scenarios about how it can play out. Make the end users of legal services more empowered and intelligent. Rapid prototypes are quickly put together, shared with others and tested. This continuous testing and iterating process allows weaknesses to be weeded out early on, resulting in higher rates of successful implementation, thus saving resources. This leads to products / services / advantages that people enjoy using and want to tell others about. 


Legal Design requires inputs from interdisciplinary teams throughout its process. Lawgitech attorneys are not only forward thinking and innovative law experts but also legally polyvalent and versatile entrepreneurs working at the intersection of human-centered design, technology & law to build a new generation of legal products & services. Our team is interdisciplinary and diverse, forward thinking and innovative. We can work on all aspects of the Legal Designs (law, photoshop, html, CSS, JavaScript, php) which allows us to act quickly and flexibly in all cases.



Legal Design results in legal information, services, products and processes that are transparent, accessible, visually clearer whilst simultaneously being useable, understandable, useful and engaging. Legal Design can also address societal welfare concerns such as access to justice, assist in-house legal teams to integrate with the business function, enhance collaboration, re-shape firm cultures and transform legal education.




Design is a discipline centered on how to make things — communications, products, services, systems — in a way that will mean they are successful in solving human problems, addressing human needs. At its core, design is the practice of making things that are usable, useful, and engaging. The underlying idea is simple: we apply principles of design (in the broad sense, including software design, graphic design, functional design) to the law in order to improve the end user experience.

Our Achievements & Projects




The purpose of legal design is to present complex subjects in an original and fun way, sometimes with direct legal effects. Interactivity allows us to structure legal reports in a rational way and allows users to explore content according to their own interests. Our models are easily re-editable. Updating is never a problem. Interactive and animated infographics with adequate referencing are essential or even mandatory tools for digital companies.


Digital masterclass


Creativity is now the most sought-after quality.

You want to learn the basics of legal design / thinking, set up your own UX legal communication strategies and methods – user experience – or master the essential digital tools (photoshop, animate, wordpress).

We train our colleagues, corporate lawyers, founders of legaltech and students to become actors of legal 2.0.
We are available online or for seminars.