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Welcome to the dedicated page for our expertise in eGovernance, Data Governance, Open Data, Open Source, and Data Protection. Understanding the challenges in these rapidly evolving domains, knowing how to overcome them, and having the right partners to guide you are essential.

We are more than just a law firm. We are your strategic partner in the complex digital world. Our knowledge of programming and coding enables us to grasp the underlying issues. Our specialized law firm is here to help you thrive while adhering to regulations and safeguarding your digital assets and data.


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Electronic government, or e-government, refers to the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) to provide government services to citizens, businesses, and other government entities in an efficient, transparent, and accessible manner. This includes the delivery of online services, the dissemination of government information, digital citizen participation, and the automation of administrative processes to enhance the efficiency of public administration.

Key Stakeholders: Public enterprises, public authorities, government institutions.

Challenges: Public enterprises and authorities aim to leverage information technologies to enhance their services but face changing regulations and policies.

Technologies: Information management systems, public service management software, electronic document management solutions.

Our Expertise: We are experts in interpreting e-government regulations, policies, and standards. We will guide you through this complex environment.

Data Governance 

Data governance is a set of processes, policies, standards, and guidelines that ensure the quality, confidentiality, security, and responsible use of data within an organization. It aims to establish clear rules for data collection, storage, management, and access, ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Data governance also seeks to maximize the value of data for the organization.

Key Stakeholders: Businesses of all sizes, financial institutions, healthcare organizations, government agencies.

Challenges: In the era of digital transformation, effectively managing data is a challenge, particularly in terms of compliance and data quality.

Technologies: Data management systems, data quality solutions, compliance management software.

Our Expertise: We assist in developing data management policies, ensure regulatory compliance (such as GDPR), and minimize data management-related risks.


Open data refers to information and data made freely available to the public, typically online, in a free and open manner. These data sets are often provided in standardized digital formats, making them easy for third parties, including researchers, developers, and citizens, to reuse and analyze. The aim of open data is to promote government transparency, innovation, and collaboration.

Key Stakeholders: Public organizations, government institutions, businesses seeking to promote transparency and innovation.

Challenges: Opening data to the public while adhering to legal requirements can be challenging.

Technologies: Open data publishing platforms, licensing management software, data analysis tools.

Our Expertise: Our legal expertise guides you in collecting, sharing, and disseminating open data while ensuring compliance.



Open Source

Acteurs visés. Entreprises, développeurs de logiciels, institutions gouvernementales.

Défis. L’utilisation de logiciels open source est courante, mais nécessite une compréhension approfondie des licences et des risques associés.

Technologies. Gestionnaires de licences open source, outils de conformité, environnements de développement.

Notre savoir-faire. Nous vous aidons à naviguer dans les licences open source, à garantir la conformité et à gérer les risques, tout en utilisant efficacement ces ressources.


Cybersecurity, or digital data protection, consists of a set of measures, policies, and practices aimed at safeguarding computer systems, data, and sensitive information from threats and breaches. This expertise is essential to ensure that data, especially those managed by governmental and private organizations, remains confidential, intact, and accessible only to authorized individuals.

Challenges: Evolution of threats, technological complexity, user awareness, limited resources, regulatory compliance.

Key Stakeholders: Businesses and organizations, cybersecurity professionals, governments and regulators, cybersecurity service providers, cybersecurity associations.

Required Technology Tools: Firewalls, antivirus and antimalware software, intrusion detection and prevention systems, identity and access management (IAM), cryptography, security information and event management (SIEM) systems, security training, compliance solutions.

Our Expertise: Lawgitech is a specialized firm in cybersecurity. Our lawyers have an in-depth knowledge of laws and regulations related to data protection, along with a technical understanding of cybersecurity threats and practices. They are capable of advising organizations on security policy implementation, risk management, and regulatory compliance.


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