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📢  Hello everyone,

🎊🎉 We are very happy to announce that Lawgitech has won one of the legal innovation prizes of 2021 !🎉🎊

👍 Thanks to Stanislas van Wassenhove and Reshape.legal for the amazing work as well as the jury members, Olivier HAENECOUR, Laurent Detaille, Jolan Vereecke, Pierre-Olivier Mahieu, Sepp Brant and Martin Jamar.

👏🏻Congratulations to the other winners Henchman – Jorn Vanysacker, KLEA – Anthony Verhaegen, Afriwise – Steven De Backer and others nominees who provide some incredible legaltech services that you should discover : Canyon Adrien van den Branden, Contractify, Eisphoria, Theoma, Ulegalize, Knowlex, Knowlia, Euranova, GDPRfolder.eu – Prof. Dr. Jacques Folon, Intolaw and last but not least Simplicy – Adrien Dumonceaux.

💪🏽 No doubt that the Belgian legal tech is already on tracks.

😘 We dedicate this prize to those who always supported or inspired us: Thungen Renaud, Silvia Pfeiff, Philippe Dambly, Axel Beelen, Marie-Michèle Montée, Tanguy Verkaeren, Nicolas Cassart, Mathilde Baucy, Marie Heymans, Aurelie Soldai, Hannie Zhu, Mathieu Davy, Guillaume Aksil, Ganaelle SOUSSENS, Pieterjan Montens, Anne-Sophie Vandendooren, Elisabeth Courtens, Christophe Dubois, Renaud Hoyoux, Martin Erpicum, Vinciane Labeye, Hanane RISAYINDI, Thomas Dofny, Maurice Krings, Marie-Jeanne Attolodé, and all of those linkedin doesn’t want us to mention because we exceeded the mention limit…🙇🏽

If you want to discover our work, here we go:


Stay tuned for more 😊

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