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« Let’s discuss new trends in the legal world and discover how technology can assist lawyers in their day-to-day job » (https://www.meetup.com/legaltech-belgium/).
The Belgian LegalTech websites are presented in alphabetical order. Please feel free to contact us if you notice any mistake or if you have additions to suggest. 

Barreaudeliege.be (FR, EN, NL, DE):

  • Online consultations platform for all attorneys at law admitted to the Liege Bar;
  • Search engine;
  • Intelligent questionnaire/form;
  • Online secure payment;
  • Contract templates.

Barreaudenamur.be (FR, EN, NL, DE):

  • Online consultations platform for all attorneys at law admitted to the Namur Bar;
  • Search engine;
  • Intelligent questionnaire/form;
  • Online secure payment;

Calin-be.net (android application; FR, NL, EN, DE):

  • Legal interest calculator;
  • Online secure payment.

Confra.be (FR, NL)

  • Collaborative platform for attorneys at law ;
  • Intelligent questionnaires/forms;
  • Litigator engine search;
  • Translator engine search ;
  • Template exchange functionality ;
  • Information exchange functionality.

Dismissal.be (FR, NL, EN):

  • Notice period and indemnities for blue- and white-collar employees calculator.

Golegal.be (FR, NL):

  • Law broker for SMEs;
  • Provision of quotations;
  • Intelligent questionnaire/form.

kreskado.be (EN):

  • Anti-dilution-calculator. 

Lawbox.be (FR, NL):

  • Creation of legal documents platform;
  • Intelligent questionnaire/form;
  • Optional consultations by attorneys at law;
  • Online secure payment.

Lebonbail.be (FR):

  • Creation of tenancy agreements platform;
  • Intelligent questionnaire/form. 

Lex.be (FR, NL, EN):

  • Legal search platform;
  • Legal databases (legislation/case law, only authentic government qualified data sources);
  • Legal search engine (integrated search and find, full text search);
  • Advanced tools (tailor-made functionalities, advanced search, save, share and notice functionalities);
  • Intelligent questionnaires/forms.

Monamende.be (FR, NL):

  • Traffic fines/license withdrawals calculator.

Onlinelawyers.be (FR):

  • Online law firm;
  • Written consultations (3 time limits, 3 prices);
  • Intelligent questionnaires/forms;
  • Online secure payment.

Onlinesolutionattorney.be (FR, NL, EN):

  • Online consultations (Skype, phone, email) platform for all attorneys admitted to at least one Belgian bar;
  • Referencing of attorneys;
  • Search engine;
  • Intelligent questionnaires/forms;
  • Personal management page for referenced attorneys to enable them to update their legal profile and follow-up on orders at any time;
  • Order cancellation option and automated withdrawal process; 
  • Automated email notifications; 
  • Blog to enable referenced attorneys to publish legal notes;
  • Online secure payment.

Regsol.be (FR, NL, EN, DE):

  • Bankruptcy online platform;
  • Bankruptcy search engine;
  • Possibility to file a declaration of claims.

Thelegalintelligence.com (EN)

  • Cloud service for monitoring and gathering news and updates from official, judicial and financial authorities at hourly intervals ;
  • Engine search, to create alerts according to your areas of expertise ;
  • Intelligent questionnaires/forms;
  • Predictive and prescriptive analysis.