"The best way to predict the future is to create it"

Abraham Lincoln

FUTURE is our priority. Our goal is to provide services designed to last, while anticipating policy and legislative developments, developments in market practices and the future needs of your business.
INNOVATION is our value. We offer innovative solutions to enable young creators of startup to focus on the trade, financial and communication aspects of their project.

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We only take on assignments in our areas of speciality, developed through our training and experience, in order to propose effective solutions to our clients

Clear prices

We do not rip off clients by double billing or padding hours. Knowing what your legal costs will be in advance allows you to budget better leaving you feeling much more in control of your legal costs. 

A response time

Fast lead response time is vital when competitors are a few phone taps away. We use technology to accelerate speed, reduce cost, and mitigate risk of legal delivery in a legion of ways.

Personalised action

The speed of communication and automated processing of information sources enable us to provide services that are not only efficacious but also highly personalised.

Flexible lawyers

Lawgitech is our response to meeting the changing demands of the marketplace, which is increasingly seeing talented Attorneys moving towards a more flexible way of working.

Legal ethics

The Attorneys' Code of Ethics establishes the principles and rules of conduct that attorneys shall at all times follow in fulfilling their professional responsibilities and in order to preserve the dignity of, and respect for, the legal profession.


Our activities are covered by mandatory liability insurance, and this constitutes a significant guarantee for our clients. Professional liability insurance covers any errors we may commit that could cause damage to our clients.

Professional secrecy

Respect for professional secrecy prohibits us from revealing to third parties any confidences or secrets we may receive from our clients. This is overarching, absolute, and not limited by time; it applies to all legal matters.


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